Moment of Truth

A Christian is someone who accepts Jesus into their heart.

Period. End of story. Congratulations, you have your Golden Ticket.

Your life changed forever the instant you became Born Again. That exact moment separates your old life from your new life.

It’s the same thing with Christianity. The Church. The faith. The doctrine. It changed forever and completely April, 1906. Before the Azusa Street Revival there never was such a thing as accepting Jesus into your heart to be Born Again.

If you are not Born Again, you will spend eternity burning in the Lake of Fire. So everyone who died before April 1906 is in hell right now. They have no hope. Just infinite torment.

This is what Christians believe.


“Now is a bearable burden. What buckles the back is the added weight of the past’s mistakes and the future’s fears.” – Fritz Leiber, The Big Time

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