Hate Gene

I recently commented on another site that I do not believe that racism is genetic. I believe that a person chooses by their own free will to hate or not to hate.

If you believe in creation, do you believe that God intentionally created us to hate each other? If you believe in evolution, do you believe humans have some kind of “hate gene”?

I think people have to own up to their words, thoughts, and actions. Either we are responsible, or we are not, and I believe that we are.


“He was frightened by the effect he had produced, and like most men with but little courage, he sought at once to justify himself by bullying.” – John Galsworthy, The Forsyte Saga


  1. While I fully agree that humans have the capacity to overcome it, and should as a moral imperative, negative reactions toward individuals that appear “too different” is a common behavior across all the mammal species most closely related to us. That makes it genetic. We have to learn and choose to be better animals.

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      1. Sorry 😉
        If it helps, I was totally on the other side of “nature vs nurture” arguments BEFORE I got a university-based education in biology, sociology and physics.


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